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Instructor functionality for instructors, teachers, coaches and other group managers

Would you like to understand the collective and individual learning styles of course participants, class, or group of employees that you have responsibility for? Group Licenses are the answer.

With group licenses you can:

  • See individual learning style test results
  • See who in the group has completed the test
  • See the average and standard deviation of results for the entire group, or subsets
  • Access individual reports and scores for further review and analysis
  • and more...

As an instructor you can register an unlimited number of groups, and have an unlimited number of users join those groups.

Types of Group Access Licenses

 There are three Group Access licenses:

  • Free. Users can do the test without providing their email address. You can only see the overall average style scores for the group. You can see who has done the test.
  • Basic. All the features of the free version, plus: comparison graphing and tools, exporting numerical user scores, no ads are displayed to the users or instructor, and the test can be used in commercial (for-profit) organizations.
  • Standard. All the features of Free and Basic, plus individual users are given Standard Membership. This means they can do their own comparisons and access their Individualized Learning Styles Report. The instructor can also access and print the report for each user.

You can choose what level of access you need for each group.

Who can use the Free License, and what other conditions are there?

Accredited schools, colleges and universities are entitled to use the Free license option. All other organizations need to obtain either a Basic or Standard license.

If you are using this test as part of a course of up to 35 hours duration, and you are charging individuals more than US$300 for the course, you need to use the Standard option.

Reselling access to, where access to the site and/or reports are the primary products, is only available through arrangements with us. All other reselling is not permitted.

30% Academic Discount

All costs are reduced by a further 30% for eligible Academic institutions.

Feature Comparison

Here is a summary of the Group Access licenses available:

Features/Inclusions Free Basic Standard
Instructor can register unlimited groups Yes Yes Yes
Individuals can do the test without email registration Yes Yes Yes
Instructor can see who has done the test Yes Yes Yes
Instructor can see overall group average scores on graph Yes Yes Yes
Instructor can compare individual users and sub-group averages on graph No Yes Yes
Instructor can export group results in CSV format
This can be used to do your own analysis in tools like Excel
No Yes Yes
Test can be used commercially No Yes~ Yes
Individuals and Instructor have an Ad free experience
Users do not see 3rd party / Google advertising on the site
No Yes Yes
Individuals also granted Standard Access
They can compare their results and print their individual results reports.
No No Yes
Instructor can access & print Individual reports No No Yes
Money back guarantee (up to 3 months) N/A Yes Yes
Group License Cost (6 months) - starts at*: Free $49 $99
Per User Cost - starts at*: Free $4.95 $9.95

* Valid educational institutions receive a 30% discount on these prices. Both Group License cost and Per User cost starts at these prices but reduce significantly with higher numbers. See below. Site licenses are also available.
~ See note above regarding courses shorter than 35 hours.

License Costs explained

There are two cost components - a group license cost for each group, and then a per user cost. Charges are deduced from a Volume License Account established in advance.

Group License cost 

When you upgrade a group to one of the paid options (Basic or Standard), this cost applies. The group will then be upgraded to the chosen license level for 6 months, after which it will revert back to the Free option.

You can register as many groups as you like. You can choose which groups to upgrade and to what level. You may have some free groups, some Basic Access License groups, and some Standard Access License groups. Access Licenses are not transferable between groups.

You can use one Volume License account to upgrade as many groups as you like, funds permitting.

Per User Cost

This is the cost for each user who is added to the group. The cost is deducted from your Volume account when the user registers with a Group ID that is at the Basic or Standard Access level.

Note that this is a "named user" cost. You may not set up unnamed users (eg user1, user2, user3) and reuse these accounts with different individuals.

Volume License Accounts and Site Licenses

The way you pay for these costs is to establish a Memletics Volume Account or Site License. For small groups, usually the Volume Account works best. For school or organization-wide access, a site license may be a better option.

You can pay using a credit card, check, Money Order or PayPal. If you need to use a Purchase Order, please contact us. If you pay via a credit card online you will get instant access.

Once your Memletics Volume License is established, you then add your volume license key to the groups you want to upgrade. The Group License Cost and Per User costs are then deducted from your volume license account as they are incurred (for the volume account).

Volume Discounts for the Volume Account

When you use the Volume Account option, there are significant discounts based on the number of groups you upgrade and the number of users who do the test.

The first group you register is the full cost as above. Groups 2-10 receive a 25% discount, and groups 11-50 receive a 40% discount. The number of groups is aggregated across each Volume License key. Similarly, the first user is at full cost, the cost for users 2-10 is discounted by 25%, and the cost for users 11-50 is discounted 40%. The total user numbers are aggregated across all groups using the same volume license key.

See the full details of the discounting structure on the Memletics Volume License page.

Note that this discounting is not relevant to the site license. If you have a site license, you can register as many groups and users as you wish (up to the headcount you've paid for).

Getting started

Here's how to get started:

In Summary

We are excited to be able to provide these new services to you. We look forward to adding new features with your support of the site.

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