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Setup and Usage Instructions for Group Licenses

These are detailed setup instructions that take you from the first steps right through to viewing and comparing individual and group results.

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These are the steps after you've reviewed the Instructor Information page (if you haven't already).

  • Validate yourself as an instructor
  • Set up your groups
  • Optional - order and apply your volume license key
  • Ask users to do the test
  • View and compare user and group results
  • Check your Volume License Usage and Balance

Validate yourself as an Instructor

Here's how to get validated first:

  1. Do the learning styles test yourself.
  2. On the user profile form, be sure to complete it and specify your occupation as "Teacher", "Academic", or "Instructor/Coach". Note - you don't need to worry about the group field yet.
  3. Once you've viewed your results, go to the user menu, then click the option "Validate Instructor###"
  4. Review the terms, check the verification checkbox and submit.
  5. Congratulations, you are now validated.

Set up your groups

  1. If necessary, log out and back in after you have validated your email address.
  2. You will now see an option in your user menu for "Managing your groups." Click this link to go to the group management page.
  3. Add a group using the form on this management page.
  4. Repeat for each group you want to add. You can add as many Free groups as you like.


  • Be sure to specify a unique group identifier. Also, set a password to ensure that only entitled users can access your group. If you do not set a password, other users may be able to add themselves to your group. If you have a paid group license, this will result in charges to your volume account.
  • You can add as many groups as you like, however there is a per-group charge for the Basic and Standard group licenses.

Optional - Order and apply your volume license

Both you and your users will get access to more features using the paid group licenses. If you plan to use the paid options, follow these steps. If you already have a volume license key (eg from an offer or if provided to you by your organization), skip to Apply the Volume License Key to your groups.

Order the license from the Store:

  1. Work out your user number requirements and review the Memletics Volume License page to choose your volume license option. There is also a calculator to help you work out the best option.
  2. Order the appropriate Volume License product (Volume Account or Site License). Credit card orders are instant, however other payment options are available.
  3. Once you have paid for your license, download, save and open the volume license document (PDF) from the download manager (link on your order details page). This will contain your volume license key.
  4. Go to the Store and click the Volume Manager link at the bottom of the page to set up your volume license. Be sure to select the LSO product options at the bottom of the page. If you do not want your users to order other Memletics products using your volume license, deselect those products. Save the page.

Apply the Volume License Key to your groups:

  1. Go to the LSO Group Management page in LSO (link from the User Menu).
  2. Click Edit next to a group you want to upgrade. Choose the group license level and enter the volume license key. Click Save.
  3. If you already have users in the group, click the users link. Select the users to upgrade, then click save. Note that new users will automatically receive the new license level.

You can start using the free option to get users starting to do the test while you go through the process of ordering. You can then apply the group license to your groups when you have it, and the necessary charges will be made. Users however won't have access to the features of the paid group licenses (eg they will need to enter an email address, they will see ads, they won't be able to compare results etc)

Ask people to do the test

You have two options:

  • Click the link titled "Link" next to the group on the group management page. This will provide you with a URL. Copy and paste the URL into an email and send to the people you want to have complete the inventory.
  • Tell your group members to come to the website, do the inventory, and specify the group identifier and password they should enter on their user profile page.

Note: If the user provides a group ID, they do not need to enter an email address. While they can do the test without an email address (and you can see their results), they won't be able to log in later.

View and Compare user and group results

  1. After a few people have completed the inventory, log in to the inventory area and go to the group management page.
  2. Click the "Results" link next to the group to view the group results.

If you have upgraded the group license, you will have access to various comparison functions.

Note: Group averages take up to 24 hours to recalculate.

Check your Volume License Usage and Balance

To check your volume license usage and remaining balance:

  1. Go to the Store and click the Volume Manager link at the bottom of the page. This takes you to your volume manager.
  2. View the balance remaining on this page.
  3. Click the events link to check volume account usage.

Further questions?

If you have further questions please contact us.


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